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Sometimes the modern technologies we take for granted can become a handy tool in uncovering a cheating spouse. A cell phone may seem like an ordinary object to most people Mitchell Trubisky Authentic Jersey , but to someone who suspects their spouse is cheating, a cell phone can become a major tool in uncovering the deception. In fact Jordan Howard Authentic Jersey , a cell phone may be able to provide you with all the proof you need to uncover a cheating spouse.

Why a Cell Phone Works

For most people their cell phone is their lifeline. People use them to keep track of important phone numbers and sometimes important dates and events. You can get a lot of information from the actual cell phone of your spouse or from the bill.

Cell phones reveal who has called your spouse and who your spouse has called. It will also allow you to see when calls are being made or answered. These things can be great tools in discovering cheating.

You may be surprised at what you find, but you have to be slick about getting the phone. Most people have their cell phones within their eyesight at all times. It involves a little craftiness to get into the cell phone.

What to Do

Once you get a hold of the cell phone or cell phone bill you want to explore and see what you can find. Make sure that you have some idea of how to operate the phone before you start. You can check out the type of phone and do an internet search to familiarize yourself. Stumbling through the menus can waste precious time.

You are looking for phone numbers you do not recognize. Mainly those made during odd hours. If your spouse uses the phone for business it may be normal to find odd numbers during the day. It can also help to look for numbers that are reoccurring a lot.

Once you find the numbers check them out in a reverse phone look up online. If you do not find anything try calling them just to avoid confronting the person on the other end. That is the last thing you want to do. You can tell them you found their number on your cell phone bill and did not recognize it or make something up as to why you are calling. Just get the name of whomever it belongs to so you can use it when confronting your spouse.

Make the Confrontation

Before you confront your spouse and accuse them of cheating you need to make sure you have some solid proof. Confirming the odd number or numbers you find can be a big help. You may be able to simply show your spouse the number and get a reaction that makes them admit to their wrong doing. You just have to be ready to accept the results of the confrontation whatever they may be.
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