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An untrained eye would see the contents of the bags and plastic vials as useless waste or everyday mud and rocks even. With such specimens originating from the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica the scientists will truly be kept busy for long. One mud sample Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China , according to a college senior, can lead to a multitude of information. A one month trip to Antarctica was funded by the National Science Foundation and the participants, including this college senior, belonged to the chosen university and college group. For these schools, traveling for research is something ordinarily done.

The first part of the expedition aboard a research vessel was departing from Punta Arenas Chile in early February. The Larsen Ice Shelf became their destination and it was uncharted territory on the east of the Antarctic Peninsula. It has been said that they were the first explorers to reach that place. While the boat moved slowly, sonar was utilized to measure the depth of the ocean. While on the deck, the students and researchers were able to videotape their exploits and gather water and sediment samples. Decades may pass before the samples are analyzed completely.

Mud composition as well as the amount of water it is able to hold are all important factors that will be studied to establish a connection with global warming. Trips like this one are once in a lifetime opportunities for the student. It gives you a taste of what it's really like said this student. Taking up global warming in graduate school is the plan for this student who is a native of Scotland. It is alright for one student to spend the rest of her life on a ship and she will continue studying next year at the school of Oceanography in a university.

Overcoming the acute weather conditions in the Southern Hemisphere were these people. They compared it to Upstate New York. The days were cold, but the sun which rose at 430 am and set at 930 pm was intense. Because it was so bright Wholesale Soccer Jerseys , you cannot literally look out the window. There was no hour or day spent without science even without civilization. Midnight to noon or noon to midnight were the shifts designated to the students. Either sleeping on the bunk beds or catching movies in the group lounge was the activity for students on off days.

Still there were a series of rules to follow. A senior should be informed about any big happening. Other than go to a newly found surface volcano, a senior student needed to go to an emperor penguin as well. Such an encounter was enjoyable for this particular Dryden native. There is nothing you'd want to miss. Going to Vega Island was the best day of her life, as she says. She said to stand where only 10 other people in the world have stood, to touch something, to be a part of that, it was unbelievable.

Student on board missed five weeks of classes. The hectic schedules they were given plus the environmental safety conditions in their vessel prevented them from getting all of their schoolwork done. It's hard to do work when the ship's constantly rolling. They were not able to contact the people back home as much. Common living spaces not to mention the lack of distractions allowed the students and faculty to grow closer together. A student saw it as the lack of an escape. The bleak area and harsh environment will really bring you close together.

Heading back to the United States the specimens were placed inside coolers and they also prepared documents explaining each one for the customs officials. Some other things a student had were 323 digital pictures and five film rolls. It was the decision of one student who joined the previous exploration to simply experience the surroundings. It has been said that pictures are not enough. Awareness is best when it comes to your environment.

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