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Elemental Overload for a more elemental
Do Dez 28 2017, 07:35
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Elemental Overload for a more elemental damage multiplier.

Iron Grip for applying our strength bonuses to our projectiles
And Point Blank to gain cheap poe chaos orbs another more multiple to our missiles, since they do not travel very far.

Finally, we make use of Anger and Herald of Ash to gain more base fire damage, a Wise Oak flask for elemental penetration and an Ancestral buy poe chaos orbs Protector to grant us more attack speed when up.

Defensively, we are a Berserker, so we will mainly be making use of Cloaked in Savagery paired with Vaal Pact to keep our health pool flickering just how we like it. Along with these, we will have a Cast when Damage Taken setup with Enfeeble, Blood Rage and Immortal Call that will trigger on a Savage Hit.

This weakens the offending monsters and triggers our Soul of Arakali for increased Recovery Rate to buff our Maximum Leech Rate. Depending on the map, we can also make use of Fortify on one of our poe exalted orbs links to provide users some more defense. Finally, we will be trying to get as much life on gear as possible!BY here thanks, well done! is The Best and Top 1 Fifa 17 Coins Store Online!

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