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I'd like to elaborate on the process that takes place in the brain to reach the upper levels and also what must occur to sustain them. Because I'm a musician I will use a musical performance as a comparison to help with understanding.

Level one in the first section of the brain Cheap Michael Carter-Williams Jersey , the physical body realm, is the part of the brain keeping our body alive and breathing.

Level two is the physical movement of the individual parts. The first stage of brainpower is simply the ability to focus on one thing, while performing an unrelated task. This is an experience that should be practiced by all. A simple one to begin with, that most everyone can do will serve as an example. This is simply to eat and read a book at the same time and do a good job of both. This is a very simple demonstration and, of course, needs to be expanded from there. This is simply to give an idea of what is meant.

Level three is coordinating all that physical movement. The study of a musical instrument that necessitates the use and coordination of both the hands and the eyes at the same time is good. This also incorporates the mental thought that is controlling the memory of the notes or the eyehand coordination, if reading the music. Any task or art or sport that uses eyehand coordination is a good starting point. It progresses beyond this stage into that of incorporating one's emotions into the same task, or occupation. This would be the use of the soul (emotional body) with the physical body. When these two are able to cooperate in unison in a flowing, blended performance, then the higher levels of the mind can start to be ascended.

Level four in the second section of the brain, the emotional body realm Cheap Isaiah Canaan Jersey , lets all that go on while pulling it all together into an integrated performance so smooth and beautiful that it affects the emotional body of those listening. You can sustain this fourth level by being able to continue the performance of the physical and emotional bodies combined and at the same time think of something entirely different. In the case of a concert artist performing, he would be able to concentrate on the effect his performance was having on his audience and act as the director of the performance while still performing. If he doesn't think the emotional impact of the piece is reaching those listening, he can demand more effort, more involvement of the soul, the emotional body. If he feels the tempo is dragging, he orders the physical body, the fingers, to pick up the speed with which they are moving.

Level five takes it out of the realm of the ordinary and lets it become part of the universe. This is the level that touches or senses the harmony of the energy waves and automatically pulls the performance into perfect balance with the universe. The mental body is truly the director of the other two bodies, but his job can go higher. He can take that performance out of the realm of the ordinary by moving up to the fifth level and listening to it as though from a distance.

Level six would allow all this to continue and would allow the performer to be able, at the same time, to wonder what he was going to have for dinner that evening. Does this surprise you? It is an ability to split off another part of the mind totally onto another subject. If one had more hands he would be able to perform a totally different song on a totally different instrument at the same time.

Level seven in the third section of the brain Cheap Dwyane Wade Jersey , the mental body realm, would give the ability to keep the performance going and give a lecture on another subject at the same time. It's like stacking one block on top of another, adding another dimension to the previous level.

Level eight would be keeping the performance and lecture going and to be receiving information from higher realms at the same time.

Level nine continues all this with the entity able to leave that body doing all that, and go somewhere else.

Level ten in the fourth section of the brain, the spiritual body realm, would continue all this and allow this one to be able to return with something of a physical nature brought back with him. This could be in the form of a flower, or leaf or a rain cloud or what have you. You see we still have two levels to go.

Level eleven would enable the physical body to rise above the stage of performance while the performance was continuing.

Level twelve would allow for flight in the physical body to take place, but only a short distance to be able to keep the performance going. If not interested in continuing what you were doing, you would be able to fly in your physical body anywhere you wanted to.
There are a variety of different marriage "groups" out there. As you discover your group, you will be better able to determine if it's the group you want to be in for the rest of your life, or if some adjustments are in order.

Convenience Marriage

When you got married Cheap Lauri Markkanen Jersey , you were genuinely in love with your spouse. However, as the years rolled by and your time was taken up with jobs, children and other activities, you grew apart. Now you are in a marriage of convenience.

You rarely see each other, and that's okay, but you do wish you shared more than just the expenses of a household.

Just as it took time to grow apart, it will take time to grow back together. Fear not, all is not lost if you are willing to put forth the effort.

Start slowly by finding time to spend with each other and rediscover how wonderful your spouse really is. Take an interest in some of the things that interest your spouse, find some common interests to develop with each other; just start spending time together.

Look for opportunities to plan a special activity or date that will help you get reacquainted.

Abusive Marriage
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