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Broncos end 8-game skid with 23-0 win over Jets
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Molk and Martin aren't shy guys. So it comes as no surprise they have the aplomb to express their intent not only to out bench everyone else, but to out bench everyone else in the history of the combine. Oregon State's Stephen Paea set the record last year, repping 225 pounds 49 times, and parlayed the cheap jerseys performance into a second round pick. Molk and Martin would be satisfied with that kind of draft spot especially Molk, who benches Saturday. Martin, whose turn is Monday, already has posted 40 reps and that was before undergoing combine training with Mike Barwis, which he says has him in the best shape of his life. But will it be enough to get to 50?

Junior Hemingway, shown hauling in one of his two touchdowns at the Sugar Bowl, in one of three former Michigan football players that will participate in the NFL Combine this week.

It raised some eyebrows when Hemingway was selected for the NFL Combine particularly when considering tight end Kevin Koger, a strong candidate to be taken in the later rounds, was not. (It's important to note that Hemingway didn't take a spot from Koger. The combine chooses a varying number wholesale nfl jerseys of players for each position, not just the top 318 overall prospects). Twenty eight receivers were taken last year, and Hemingway's most promising projections appear to be in the low 30s, pending the combine.

Molk has an interesting draft case. On the one hand, he's the nation's top college center. On the other, he's short which likely pigeonholes him into a zone blocking scheme and injured, after having surgery Jan. 13 to repair a torn tendon in his right foot. He's authentic jerseys wholesale now sustained four injuries to his right leg, and said he knows he will face questions about that history. The surgeon who performed Molk's latest procedure will be in Indianapolis, and could speak to teams about the center's latest injury and rehab.

Hemingway was Michigan's biggest threat at receiver last year after finally putting together a healthy season. However, his numbers, both for last year (34 catches for 699 yards and four TDs) and his career (88 catches for 1,638 and 11 TDs), will not stack up favorably with other wideouts vying for a late round pick. He has terrific size, and it comes at a time when teams are beginning to favor size over speed. However, Hemingway's biggest knock is a perceived lack of speed. A strong performance in the those drills would do more for his stock than anything else.

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