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I today received my rolex replica watch
Do Dez 07 2017, 09:28
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I today received my rolex replica watch, however I just want to replica watches sale advise of two problems firstly when I received the watch as I unpacked it and tried it on my wrist, the rolex replica sale clasp would not do up after having a closer look I realised that it was because the clasp is actually twisted so the replica watches uk is no good as it can't be done up! Also only a small issue but in the picture of the replica watches on your website underneath the 6 it says Swiss made like the real Rolex, however this was not on the watch I received. I have chased this rolex replica uk so much as its a present, for my daughter's birthday, now I'm stuck as I can't give her a rolex replica that she is unable to wear because it won't do up. Is there any way this can be exchanged for a watch that is wearable?

Fr Dez 08 2017, 09:54

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