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Whether it s made from leather or plastic, beads or metal San Diego Padres Women's Jersey , diamonds or gold, the bracelet has adorned the arms of civilization since the dawn of time. The term bracelet originates from the Latin word brachile, meaning of the arm.

Bracelets Around the World

Perhaps one of the more historically significant bracelets, the Scarab Bracelet is a recognized symbol of ancient Egypt. Representing rebirth and regeneration, carved scarabs were donned by ancient Egyptians and placed inside the linen bandages of pharaohs when they died.

In Latin America, the Azabache bracelet is recognized as a symbol which also provides protection. The gold bracelet with a black or red coral charm in the form of a fist is believed to protect the wearer from the Mal de ojo, or evil eye, which is brought about by excessive admiration. Newborn babies, especially Pittsburgh Pirates Women's Jersey , receive a Azabache bracelet to wear in protection against the evil eye.

Bangles are traditional bracelets worn by Pakistani and Indian women. Women wear them to denote their married status. Gold and glass bangles are especially popular with Indian women who wear one or more on each arm. Bracelets studded with semi precious stones, diamonds and pearls are considered the most expensive.

Bracelets: Fads and Fashion

The idea of a tennis bracelet may cause some confusion. What exactly does an elegant piece of jewelry have to do with the sport? In actuality, the tennis bracelet got its name when Chris Evert, former no. 1 woman tennis player, was playing a match in the U.S. Open. Suddenly, Evert stopped the match to look for the diamond bracelet she always wore on the court, which was accidentally broken while she was playing. As Evert retrieved her bracelet, millions of onlooker at the match and on television watched the live event unfold. The incident sparked a new name for the bracelet, as well as a huge jewelry trend. Even today Philadelphia Phillies Women's Jersey , tennis stars such Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini sport their own tennis bracelets.

Another sports star helped to spark yet another bracelet trend of his own. Lance Armstrong, record breaking winner of the Tour de France, first wore the silicone rubber bracelet in 2004, which was called the Yellow Livestrong wristband. Launched to raise funds for cancer research for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and developed by Nike, the Livestrong wristband has raised millions of dollars and gained worldwide status.

Created from embroidery floss or thread, friendship bracelets are a version of macram? and have enjoyed popularity for decades. According to tradition, the recipient of the friendship bracelet must wear it until the cords wear and the bracelet falls off naturally. The sentiment behind the friendship bracelet is that it was made with love and hard work and should therefore be worn in such a fashion to honor the friend s effort. Patterns of friendship bracelets vary but some of the most popular styles include the bordered chevron, broken ladder and candy stripe. Because of their versatility, friendship bracelets are worn by both genders and are especially popular with tween and teenage girls Oakland Athletics Women's Jersey , as well as hippies and dead heads, or fans of the band Grateful Dead. The friendship bracelet is also commonly worn by surfers, who prefer thicker styles that wear longer.

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