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Schools over here in Mumbai are supposed to be the world’s best schools as this city is supposed to fulfill everyone’s dream. Basic education means child education is the ladder of climbing the tree of success. People of this place have reached such place and such designation everyone’s income is also very good and they can afford any limit for the well-education of their child. That’s why Mumbai city has come up with all the advanced-technological schools where study means everything and where study takes place through utilizing all the technological learning devices, like smart class devices where classes are taken through projection of the lessons and materials. This procedure of education transaction reduces the complexity while taking classes. For students also it becomes easier to go through the entire lesson within a minimum time and same with teachers as well. Moreover the classrooms are royal built, well-furnished. Teachers are highly-qualified and having the knowledge of using the advanced and new learning technology.

This city has such schools viz. residential schools, CBSE board affiliated schools and ICSE board affiliated schools, which are already judged as worlds and obviously India’s best schools. Students from foreign are also pursuing their studies over here and from India as well. These schools have got such flairs and facilities which are very lavishing and educative and qualitative. Sports Cheap Johnathan Hankins Jersey , cultural functions, indoor, outdoor games, seminars, exhibitions Cheap Jabaal Sheard Jersey , workshops all such are the common extra curriculum activities which are highly needed for the upliftment of students’ intellect and capacity and their eligibility too. All these CBSE and ICSE board affiliated schools are also having such brilliant facilities so that students can be passed out with good scores and quality education and being skilled in every field so that they can be part of any international competitions also. This is the specialty of this city which has brought it here today. An interconnected network of smart devices and IT systems where electricity and information can flow freely is called a ‘Smart Grid.’ This interconnected network makes the electric grid more reliable. Substantial security risks are incurred when these systems are connected to a wider network. We can list three main security concerns:

1. Ability to confirm authenticity of the other party and communicate only with genuine parties.
2. Integrity of the data flowing through the Smart grid network.
3. Ability to withstand sustained attacks, and quickly recover from such attacks.

As corporate systems are already exposed to external networks and are supposedly protected from risks, the issue with Smart Grid security can certainly be downplayed. We can also use those methods to secure Smart Grid. We can detail the key differences between corporate IT systems and Smart Grid systems as follows:

• Smart Grid systems are considered as vital national infrastructure and need to be more robust to ensure energy security.
• Power system operation must continue in the event of an attack and should recover quickly from any damage.
• The complexity of the modern Smart Grid system exposes it to risks and threats.
• Millions of devices and systems connected to each other in the Grid offer multiple entry points for potential attackers.
• Any breach of data security will offer analysis and malicious usage of the humongous amount of data collected, transmitted and stored.
• Many connections on Smart Grid will have longer durations; sometimes permanent, which increases the risk.
• Many end points in Smart Grid will have very limited processing power and storage Cheap John Simon Jersey , making it unfeasible to use certificates and sophisticated encryption algorithms.
• Many links in the Smart Grid network will have low communication bandwidth that will limit the security measures taken.
• Unlike corporate IT systems, you may not be able to quickly apply patches when new vulnerabilities are discovered.

It will be challenging to test the Smart Grid as the normal operation ideally should not have an impact during security testing. The impact of security breach will vary based on the system breached. Some feasible scenarios:

• The attacker gains access to millions of smart meters and then shuts them down remotely using a remote disconnect feature in modern smart meters. In a worst case scenario, the built in configuration is changed; so meters stop communi. Cheap NCAA Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China Wholesale Football Jerseys Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping

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