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The Gladiator Dragon is leonine-style. It has a light darker body, a white underbelly, and it wears a combatant cap and shoulder covering, both studded with spikes, alongside a kind of clasp on its chest. It additionally wears cowhide warrior shoes on every one of the four of its feet, while its left foreleg seems to have some kind of blue material wrapped around it alongside some wrist defensive layer let down. Its tail has a plate of protection lashed immovably onto it, while the tip of it closes in a sharp edge additionally safely tied on. It has dull red eyes with textured dark colored eyebrows, while three sharp white spikes bulge out from its button, like the ones on its protective cap and shoulder covering. dragon mania legends hack Its wings likewise have some kind of protective layer on them, as the base is secured by a copper plate, while the closures of its wingbones are secured by comparative plates. Its wing folds are a light blue and are torn and worn out, and a limit white spike stands out at the pinnacle of each wing. The general plan of this Dragon is a reference to a combatant, a warrior that existed amid the Roman Republic that engaged groups of onlookers by battling against wild creatures or different fighters.

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