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FIFA 17 Coins Tricks And Tips
So Sep 04 2016, 10:55
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The FIFA 17 demo offers players a first look at the new Ultimate Team Draft Mode, where you can invest 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA Points (purchased via microtransactions) or the new FIFA Draft Token (available in purchased card packs) to pick a team and embark on a four-game knockout tournament where rewards increase with each victory. The twist is that you curate your team from a semi-random selection of five players per available squad space. It may be tempting to pick the most celebrated or recognisable player in each draft round, but the real challenge is to construct a team with a high Chemistry rating – which means intelligently pairing players with real-life team-mates, peers of the same nationality, or individuals who play in the same national league. Chemistry can have a pronounced effect on the general cohesion of your side, with player runs, passing accuracy and the team’s overall shape all improved by higher totals.hack FIFA 17

There appears to be an early consensus among dedicated players that skill moves are less effective in FIFA 17. This isn’t entirely true. The right skill move, employed at the appropriate moment, can still leave an opponent choking on your dust, or intimidate them with your command of crowd-pleasing flair.
What has changed is that it’s much harder for people to arbitrarily waggle the trick stick and ghost through defences. Expert players are opining that the main difference with staple tricks is exit speed, the point at which a player changes from trick animation back to standard traversal – which was faster in FIFA 15.
By slowing down the execution of tricks (and the post-animation transition back into conventional movement) by a whisker, FIFA’s developers have made it easier for individual defenders to compete against show ponies. It’s also clear that player agility in possession has been reduced across the board, making it harder to dribble past multiple opponents, while defender mobility has been slightly increased.
Tricks and slaloming runs, then, should now only work with any degree of consistency for those willing to put in the hours on the training pitch. If you’re keen to begin practicing, FIFA tricks video legend Shade has already put together a 10-minute compilation of all trick moves confirmed so far in FIFA 17.

I am good boy
Sa Dez 03 2016, 08:29
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Mi Dez 28 2016, 06:06
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Do Feb 09 2017, 11:09
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